Washington, DC Locals' Items to Never Travel Without

No matter where your travels take you, there are certain things you never leave home without. Trust us, we do it too! Check out what items our Local Expert never travels without on all his adventures in and out of Washington, DC

1. Sony Alpha Camera
A camera phone doesn’t always do the trick when capturing all of the beautiful places we visit. A favorite of our DC Local Expert, the Sony Alpha is sure to capture your best travel adventures!

2. Journal
As much as we love photographs, travel journals are always a good idea! Jot down notes, places you visit, sketch your surroundings, and keep track of little mementos from all of your travels.

3. Casio Watch
Love them or hate them, a watch is a practical piece to have on hand! From vintage or dress, to sporty, there’s something for every traveler. Our Local Expert never travels without one!

 via  Pixabay

4. iPhone
With the variety of capabilities smartphones have today, iPhones are great to have while traveling. Call, text, snap photos, check-in at all your favorite places, listen to music, and of course, GPS! All in one easy place.

 via  Pixabay

5. Reusable Water Bottle
Since you’re bound to be logging a few miles in your travels, keep hydrated by bringing a water bottle along with you for all your adventures!

 via  Nalgene

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