Washington, DC Locals' Best Places to Grab a Coffee

In the hustle and bustle of our nation's capital, good coffee is a necessity! If you’re planning a visit to Washington, DC and are in need of a caffeine fix, check out our Local Expert’s recommendations for where to find the best coffee in town. 

1. Compass Coffee
Founders Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez got into coffee during their time in the Marines. After their deployment, they set out to continue the sense of community coffee had created during their time in Afghanistan. Swing by Compass Coffee to start your day off in the right direction!

2. Big Bear Cafe
Not only does this cute little cafe have a cobblestone patio, native grape vines and flowering herbs which make the perfect space to rent for any small event, they also serve some of the most delicious food and espresso drinks in DC!

3. Baked & Wired
With small-batch baked goods created from old family recipes and innovative minds, paired with handcrafted espresso drinks, Baked & Wired is the perfect location when caffeine and dessert cravings hit!

4. Sidamo Coffee & Tea
Serving Ethiopian coffee, teas, and a variety of breakfast and lunch items, Sidamo Coffee & Tea is not your typical coffeehouse. With coffees roasted in house daily, this locally-owned shop is not to be missed!

5. Grace Street Coffee
Grace Street Coffee is an independent, locally-owned coffee shop located in historic Georgetown, DC. With coffee roasted on site, Grace Street Coffee strives to teach coffee drinkers how to make the most of their experience!

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