Washington, DC Locals' Best Places for a Cocktail

Most recognized for its monuments and museums, our nation’s capital packs quite the punch when it comes to its food and drink scene. If you’re visiting Washington, DC in the coming months, be sure to check out our Local Expert’s recommendations for the best cocktail bars the city has to offer! 

1.  Service Bar
Located in the U Street/Shaw neighborhoods of the city, Service Bar uses the freshest ingredients from area markets and farms, and regularly changes out their drink and food menu based on the availability of these local ingredients.

2.  Left Door
Tucked behind an unmarked door, this small establishment serves high-end ingredients in their classic and creative cocktails. If you’re feeling spendy, their self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Cocktail” will run you $100!

 via  Left Door

3.  2 Birds 1 Stone
This cocktail bar boasts a lively and welcoming environment with a weekly-changing, hand-drawn cocktail menu. Whether a classic or creative original, the bartenders at 2 Birds 1 Stone can make it all.

4.  Copycat Company
Located on H Street, Copycat Co. is known for their authentic Chinese street food and signature cocktails. Keep an eye out on the chalkboard, where new and noteworthy drinks are listed.

5.  Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Recognized as one of the nation’s top whiskey bars, this 6,700 square foot space has five different bars and thousands of ever-changing whiskies. Better yet, the establishment offers a wealth of whiskey knowledge and keeps even the most expensive stuff affordable!

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