Portland Locals' Best Places in Town for an IPA

At year end 2016, the state of Oregon was home to 230 brewing companies. Located within Portland’s city limits are 70 of them. Talk about a beer lovers paradise! If you’re planning a visit to Portland, Oregon for it’s endless supply of craft beer, check out our Local Expert’s recommendations for where to find the best IPAs in town! 

1. Base Camp Brewing Co.
Brewing since 2012, Base Camp Brewing Co. offers a variety of lagers and ales for the “adventurous palate.” Nothing says summer more than their relaxed atmosphere which features twinkle lights, two local food carts, and of course, s’mores beer!

2. 10 Barrel Brewing Co.
10 Barrel Brewing started back in Bend, Oregon in 2006 and has grown tremendously. With the opening of its Pearl District rooftop patio last year, they've quickly become a staple in the Portland beer scene. City views and good brews, sign me up!

3. Ecliptic Brewing
Ecliptic Brewing combines creator John Harris’ two passions, astronomy and brewing. The ecliptic refers to the earth’s yearly journey around the sun, and acts as the driving force of this brewpub. Keep your eyes on the menu, as food and drink offerings changes every few weeks throughout the year!

4. StormBreaker Brewing
Named after one of Mt. Hood’s nicknames, StormBreaker brews their beer “like Mt. Hood breaks storms coming off the Pacific Ocean, head on with intensity.” From hoppy IPAs to pale ales, they have something for everyone.

5. Ground Breaker Brewing
If their name didn’t give it away, Ground Breaker Brewing is breaking ground as the first gluten-free brewery and gastropub in the nation. Located in southeast Portland, this brewery is 100% dedicated to creating delicious gluten-free options for all beer lovers.

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