Portland Locals' Best Cocktails

While often recognized for its craft beer industry, Portland has so much more to offer in its drink scene! If you’re visiting Portland, Oregon in the coming months, be sure to check out our Local Expert’s recommendations for the best cocktails in town! 

1. Bloody Mary at Besaw’s
Since 1903, Besaw’s has remained true to its belief of “providing delicious, seasonal and local food and drink, with genuine warmth of heart.” Driven from its home in 2015, Besaw’s has opened its doors once more with the same high standards, original neon sign and delicious Bloody Marys!

 via  Besaw’s

2. Vodka Flights at Kachka
Located in Southeast Portland, Kachka is well recognized in the restaurant industry. At year end 2016, this Russian eatery featuring a very lengthy vodka list, had made it onto “The Best Restaurants in America” for a second time! It’s no wonder their Vodka Flights favored among locals.

 via  Kachka

via Kachka

3. Coffee Cocktail at Cup and Bar
Cup and Bar is a hybrid cafe celebrating coffee by Trailhead Coffee Roasters and chocolate by Ranger Chocolate Company. Complete with food, beer, and wine, this little shop is a must-visit. Try their Coffee Cocktail for the best of both worlds!

4. Whiskey Ginger at McMenamins
If you’ve spent any time in Oregon and Washington, you’ve probably heard the McMenamins name. With hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, concert venues and more, this brand has been a Pacific Northwest staple since 1983. The Whiskey Ginger is not be missed at any location, but you can’t go wrong with any option as all beer, wine, ciders, spirits and coffee are handcrafted in house!

5. Anything at Teardrop Cocktail Lounge
With a local recommendation of “anything,” you know this cocktail lounge is bound to be good! Located in Portland’s Pearl District, Teardrop Cocktail Lounge has a menu featuring a profound respect for the classics, as well as an adventurous quest for the next best cocktail.

 via  Teardrop

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