Bend Locals' Best Places to Grab a Coffee

Small towns aren’t often associated with a large coffee scene, but Bend has no shortage of options to keep you caffeinated! If you’re planning a visit to Bend, Oregon and need a coffee to fuel your adventure, be sure to check out our Local Expert’s recommendations for the best coffee in town. 

1. Lone Pine Coffee Roasters
Lone Pine is a small, family-run roastery tucked into Bend’s Tin Pan Alley. Coffees are roasted in-house, and each bag is stamped, labeled and filled by hand with care! This cute shop also includes an array of handmade food items, made right on site.

2. Backporch Coffee Roasters
Backporch Coffee founders Dave and Majell Beach wanted to change the coffee game, and opened their doors in 2006 with the vision to “source coffee in a way that honors the farmers who grew it.” Their coffees are roasted in small batches to maintain complete freshness and can be found at various locations around Oregon and Washington.

3. Palate a Coffee Bar
Located just south of downtown Bend, Palate proudly serves handcrafted beverages featuring Coava Coffee Roasters. Complete with relaxing vibes, outdoor seating, and an assortment of local tea, kombucha, beer and pastries, this little shop has it all!

 via  Palate

via Palate

4. Thump Coffee Roasters
Thump Coffee is “inspired by Oregon’s long history of hard work, steadfast perseverance, and inspirational outdoor world,” and boasts coffees with this same dedication and heart. Visit their two locations in town, or their roastery (by appointment only) to be a part of Thump Coffee’s adventurous story!

5. Looney Bean Roasting Company
With locations in Oregon, California and Colorado, Looney Bean has been offering specialty coffee since 1992. River views, a great outdoor area, and good coffee make their Bend location a must visit if you’re downtown. Don’t miss out on house favorite, the “Dirty Hippie,” a delicious chai espresso drink!

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