Visit Seattle, Washington

Planning a trip to Seattle, Washington? Home to a large tech industry, surrounded by water, mountains and lush forests, this Pacific Northwest city is not to be missed! Seattle's iconic neighborhoods offer everything from professional sporting events, to arts and museums, to a foodie paradise. Let our Local Experts design a personalized itinerary unique to you!

Locals Compass Seattle Washington

  Language: English

  Currency: U.S. dollar

  Low season: Winter, Spring

  High season: Summer, Fall

  Population: 705,000


catherine k. 

About Catherine: City mouse and country mouse, Catherine has experienced it all! From running around the lakes or hiking the mountains, to happy hours downtown, she can design an itinerary recommending the best restaurants, hikes and shows around the city. Request an itinerary from her for your Seattle adventure!

Expertise: Adventure Travel

Years as a local: 15

Itinerary for up to 3 days: $30

margaret c.

About Margaret: As someone who has always called Seattle home, Margaret knows the ins and outs of the city like no other! From Seattle's colorful history and Northwest culture, Margaret can design an itinerary celebrating the city's local community, creativity and beautiful scenery. Check out her profile to request an itinerary!

Expertise: Culture & History Travel

Years as a local: 25+

Itinerary for up to 3 days: $30