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We look forward to coming to Portland, Seattle and San Juan soon! Want us to keep you posted? Click on the 'Let me know' button!

Locals Compass - Portland Coming Soon

POrtland, oregon

Known for being weird (don't ever change!), Portland has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Not just in population, but also in the number of visitors. With a diverse cuisine, beers for every taste, and a public transit system that will easily take you around town, no wonder Portland is making it in so many people's must-visit list.

Locals Compass - Seattle Coming Soon

seattle, washington

The largest city in population in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is famous for it's Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and being the birthplace of Starbuck's Coffee. With major attractions, sports teams, and more choices than one will ever have time to complete.  

Locals Compass - San Juan Coming Soon

san juan, puerto rico 

The birthplace of our founder, Puerto Rico packs a lot in its 100 x 35 miles. Whether you are looking for adventure, amazing food or sandy beaches to relax in, this island offers it all.