Visit Bend, Oregon

Ever wondered what to do in Bend? Located in Central Oregon, Bend offers year-round entertainment and outdoor activities. Whether you are coming to Bend for a family vacation, to shred the gnar or conquer the Bend Ale Trail, we have a Local Expert that can design a travel itinerary all your own! 

Locals Compass Bend Oregon

  Language: English

  Currency: U.S. dollar

  Low season: Spring, Fall

  High season: Summer, Winter

  Population: 91,000

Sample Itinerary

Abby b. 

About Abby: The outdoors is her domain. Hiking, skiing, backpacking, climbing… you name it! Whether it’s exploring the warming huts on cross country skis or hiking the less-traveled trails, you’ll find her outside. If you are looking to make the most of the Bend outdoors, savor amazing food and find the local chill beer spots, check out Abby’s profile to request an itinerary!

Expertise: Outdoor Travel

Years as a local: 2

Itinerary for up to 3 days: $30

carla p.

About Carla: Family travel planning is more than just finding family vacation ideas. It’s about building memories! When it comes to family travel, Carla focuses on designing a travel itinerary that accounts for all the little details (like napping schedules and kids preferences!) while allowing for memories to be built. Request an itinerary from Carla for a family vacation to remember!

Expertise: Family Travel

Years as a local: 2

Itinerary for up to 3 days: $30

carizma m.

About Carizma: If adventure is your middle name, Carizma might be your first. A Local in Bend for the last 12 years, she knows all about night life and local entertainment, the Bend Ale Trail, and how to experience Bend on a budget. Whether you are looking to jump out of a plane at 12,000', enjoy Bend’s craft beer or some live music, request an itinerary from her for your Bend adventure!

Expertise: Adventure Travel

Years as a local: 12

Itinerary for up to 3 days: $30