Travel tips for business travelers

Business travel is becoming more common and frequent in today’s workplace, giving businessmen and women the chance to experience new destinations. While a business trip may seem like an exciting opportunity, it can often make for an underwhelming experience when your time is spent running through airports or behind hotel and meeting room walls.

Make the most of your next business trip with the following tips!

Pack wisely: Don’t waste precious space over packing items that will end up sitting untouched in the bottom of your suitcase. Pack light and bring only the essentials. Not only will you have less things to keep track of, but you’ll cut down on excessive baggage fees.

Follow a routine: Business travel can take a toll on even the most experienced travelers, especially when red-eyes, overseas flights and jet lag enter the equation. Maintaining a normal eating, sleeping, and even fitness schedule, will keep you feeling your best.

Make it an adventure: Drop the “all work and no play” philosophy and make the most of your business trip. Take the time to chat with any and everyone to learn where the best coffee shops, eateries, and must visit locations are. Walk the city in between clients or catch a sunset after a full day of meetings. If your schedule allows, extend your trip an additional day and take time to slow down, get outside, and explore!

If you’re lucky enough to have business in Bend, Oregon, you may be in store for the best business trip yet! Bend locals are not only passionate about their work, they love to play and enjoy the endless opportunities for adventure that this mountain town has to offer. Whether it’s checking out all the boutique shops while walking around downtown, taking in the mountain and river views from Drake Park or the Old Mill, plugging away at an inviting coffee shop, or hitting the trails after your work day, you’ll be able to make the most of your business trip.

If you’re short on preparation time or don’t know how to make the most of your business trip to Bend, let Locals Compass do the planning for you! Locals Compass, a travel marketplace connecting Travelers with Locals for personalized travel itineraries, will help you make the most of business trip. Our Bend Local Experts can direct you to the best bike shops, provide suggestions on off-the-beaten path trails, and recommend the best happy hour and dinner spots! With personalized travel itineraries designed around your travel style, preferences, and even business meetings, you’ll navigate your business trip destination like a local!