Tips for visiting the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, OR will run from March 23rd through April 30th. Want to make the most of your visit? Here are some tips from my what I wish I would have known list from my visit:

  • Bring cash: There’s a $5/person charge ($20/car maximum). You’ll save yourself time and trouble if you have cash in hand at the gate.
  • Wear rain boots: If it rained the day before or there’s a chance of rain during your visit, wear (or bring) your rain boots! Plenty of shoes found their demise on muddy grounds, including mine.  
  • Take an extra set of clothes: Kids will be kids and mud will be mud. I lost count of the number of kids I saw falling in the mud and ruining their oh so cute outfits. Be prepared and take an extra set of clothes. Your car seats will thank you too! 
  • Bringing dogs?: Dogs will be dogs too, so be prepared! Extra towels to clean their muddy paws will help keep you car in good (clean?!) shape!
  • Go early: I got there about an hour after they opened and waited, at most, 5-10 minutes to park my car. On way out, around 12:00pm, the line of cars was LONG. Wait time to park was probably 45-60 minutes. Get there early and beat traffic.
  • Bring snacks: Although there is food available at the festival, your healthy-ish options will be limited. Bring your own snacks and save money, time and calories!

And last, but certainly not least (and the one thing I really wish I would have known), if you are into photography, you can buy a “Sunrise Pass”! According to the event’s website: 

“This pass allows the card holder, One person per pass, access to the Tulip Festival during prime early mornings, 1 hour before sunrise. The perfect photographer playground time! 

Hope you find these tips helpful and make the most of your visit to the festival! And remember, follow us to #GetTips, #GetInspired and #GetGoing. 

Happy Travels!

Zilaida Salgueiro is the Founder & CEO of Locals Compass, a marketplace in travel connecting Travelers with Locals for personalized travel itineraries.