Camping date in Central Oregon

With endless options for outdoor exploration, Central Oregon makes the perfect getaway for the adventurous couple. Locals share a serious love for the outdoors and camping is the perfect way to kick back, relax and enjoy everything Bend has to offer! The smell of the campfire, pine trees, and breathtaking views are guaranteed to put any couple into a summertime love spell. What better way to spend your romantic adventure than a night under the stars? Camping is easier than you may think, as long as you remember to bring the right resources.

We recommend the following essentials for the ultimate camping date in Bend:

  1. Cash (fees may apply at some campgrounds)

  2. Tent or hammock

  3. Sleeping bag or blankets

  4. Sleeping mat

  5. Pillows

  6. Camp chairs

  7. Lighter or matches

  8. Flashlight or lantern

  9. Hatchet or axe

  10. First aid kit

  11. Sunscreen and bug spray

  12. Toilet paper and paper towels

  13. Garbage bags

  14. Cooler and ice

  15. Hiking gear (boots, day pack)

  16. Kayak or stand up paddle board for water adventures

  17. Cooking items (camp stove, pots/pans, mugs/cups, utensils)

  18. Food (meals, snacks, condiments, and s’mores!)

  19. Drinks (if bringing beer, cans are preferred and safer for camp environments)

Local tip: Prep your food before you head out! This saves time at the campground and also saves you from forgetting necessary ingredients at home. (We all learn from our mistakes, right?)

We suggest the following camp meals for your overnight adventure:

Day 1:

  • Lunch: Hot dogs over the campfire!

    • Hot dogs

    • Buns

    • Condiments

  • Snacks: Chips and salsa

  • Dinner: Kebabs! Prep these ahead of time:

    • Marinate chicken or steak, peppers, and white onion in barbecue sauce

    • Skewer ingredients onto a kebab stick

    • Wrap in aluminum foil, place in plastic bag, and store in cooler

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon. Prep eggs ahead of time:

    • Crack 4-6 eggs into a bowl

    • Add salt and pepper

    • Whisk eggs together, pour into a sealed plastic bag, and store in cooler.

  • Snack: Carrots and hummus. These are easy to bring on a hike or store in your kayak!

Choosing a destination might be the hardest part about camping because there are so many beautiful spots to choose from. Campsites by the lake or river are perfect for those looking to play in the water, but maybe you’re seeking mountain views and access to nearby hiking trails! Don’t stress over planning the perfect camping getaway, let Locals Compass do the planning for you. Our Local Experts can provide a personalized itinerary that includes the best campsites, local spots to buy or rent outdoor gear for your adventure, the best places to stock up on local craft beer, and much more. Connect with a Bend Local today!