A day in the life of a Portland local

Portland is where the city and the great outdoors collide, and because of its amazing location within the Pacific Northwest, it has become a destination of never ending possibility and adventure! From food carts, Blazer games, rooftop patios, hiking in the Gorge, cycling the bridges, to 80s dance nights at the Crystal Ballroom, the options are endless! Our Portland Local Expert Mindi has come to appreciate everything this city has to offer and can’t wait to share her perfect Portland day with you!

A perfect day in Portland

With its close proximity to the city, hiking the Gorge has become a favorite past time! I wake up at the crack of dawn and head out to hike Dog Mountain, one of Portland’s favorite trails filled with wildflowers and breathtaking views of the Columbia River! The morning air is refreshing and breaking a sweat early is exhilarating. A sunrise start allows me to beat the crowds and get back into town to pick up a delicious vegan donut from Whole Foods bakery before they disappear. They almost never repeat recipes, so it’s bound to be one of a kind!

Portland is extremely bicycle friendly, and after returning home, I hop on my bike and ride further into town to grab a real lunch at the Koi Fusion food truck. They offer delicious Korean burritos and bowls made with all fresh ingredients, including my favorite, the chicken rice bowl with cucumber and cilantro. There are loads of food carts in Portland, making it hard to experience them all!

With food in my belly, I’m ready to move onto my next activity, rock climbing. I text some friends to meet at the NW Circuit gym for some bouldering and socializing. Climbing is always more fun with other people, and the relaxed nature of the sport allows for more conversation!

After a few hours it’s time to walk to Basecamp Brewery taphouse which offers two new food carts every year. The current Poblano Pepper taco truck has amazing carnitas burritos made with mouth-watering garlic tortillas. It calls me back every time! However, the smell of homemade sourdough pizza crust from ASH Wood Fired Pizza can also be tempting. The atmosphere lends to the laidback crowd chilling under the tattered flags and twinkle lights above. If we’re lucky, a local artist can be found strumming some tunes in the corner, adding only good vibes to this fantastic experience!

As the sun begins to drop, we jet over to Martha’s Rooftop for a few cocktails. The simple USS Martha, with tequila and lime, and a cozy blanket, are great accompaniments when witnessing the final sunbeams basking over the city from across the river. Of course you have to capture it on social media or else no one will know what a good time you’re having!

At this point, a few more friends have joined and the socializing is in full swing. Depending on the crew, Martha’s downstairs café offers a variety of board games waiting to be played! At the end of the day, meeting new people and building relationships is the key component to having the best and most memorable time in Portland!

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