Born out of a passion for travel and a desire to spend less time planning and more time experiencing a travel destination like a local


We all know how overwhelming and time consuming it can be going from one website to another, sorting through reviews and figuring out the best time to go where and do what.  Narrowing down an itinerary that is personalized can take up many hours that we sometimes don’t have or would rather use on something else. Most times, we end up missing the true locals’ scene and end up checking off boxes from a top 10 list.

But that’s not what travel should be like. Travel should allow us to truly enjoy and immerse ourselves in the local scene and way of life. The locals’ coffee shop, the off-the-beaten path bakery with the to-die-for pastry, the perfect time to walk into a place to avoid the crowds or enjoy something not available at any other time. It’s about making the most of your experience and calling it all your own. That’s what Locals Compass offers.

Each itinerary provided to our users is both personalized and optimized. It is not random or computer generated. It is the curated work of local experts giving each traveler the opportunity to explore a city from a Locals’ perspective, while making the most of their time and budget. 

It all starts with travelers selecting the Local Experts that align with their traveling style and then answering a few questions for the Locals to best design the itinerary. At the end, the Traveler gets a personalized and optimized itinerary to have a truly local and authentic traveling experience.